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Battery powered hydraulic cutting tool, 45mm, ESG 45-L

Product Features:

Cuts armoured copper and aluminium cables and AI/St cables (ACSR)
Also suitable for round material made of Al, Cu and Steel
Extremely sturdy design



Closed cutting head with bolt interlock, rotatable, flip top style
Electronic control and monitoring of cutting operation
One-button operating concept for controlling all tooling functions
Ergonomic 2-component plastic housing with soft linings for comfortable and safe one hand operation
Balanced centre of gravity for easy handling and effortless operations
LED for workplace illumination
High-performance 18V Lithium-ions batteries with high capacity and extremely short charging time
High-performance motors for maximum operating speed
2-stage hydraulic system with fast feed and power stroke
Energy saving function by stopping motor after successful cutting operation
Quick motor stop for high user safety
Automatic retraction when cut is complete
Manual retract in case of need
Manual retract stop (MRS) for efficient operations
Light diode for maintenance control, charge level indicator of the batteries and for data transmission via USB-Adapter
Environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil, quickly biodegradable