Service we provide

1. Good value quality products.

We have developed a comprehensive vendors and suppliers quality assurance system that ensures products supply by our company meet the required standards and performance. Furthermore they are of good value to our customers.

All our approved vendors and suppliers are evaluated according to a series of quality criteria based on:

  • Product technical specifications and standards
  • Physical Product appearance and Performance
  • Factory Quality Control System
  • Production Processes and Capacity
  • Competitiveness benchmarking

Upon passing this evaluation, the companies will be listed as our preferred vendors and suppliers where we will entrust our requirements to them. With this system we are able to provide all our customers with OEM and tailored made products of good quality and value.

2. Bringing products closer to you

Being a distributor and wholesaler for many years, we know the importance of bring the right product in the right quantity at the right price to our customers. We seek to strive in this area by holding sufficient inventories of a wide range of products and building strong distribution relation with major manufacturers and brands bearers.

We strive to give you what you want, at the price you want, and in the quantity required at all times.

3. Tailored made products to meet your special requirement.

If you need any special designed cable accessories products or to develop a product for a specific requirement, we can assist through our product development technical team of engineers and our worldwide OEM production supply network. We are able to design, fabricate and produce such products to suit that special requirement. Do feel free to give us a call, and we will provide the best solution possible.

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